If you are reading this, needing less and buying better, versatile clothing pieces will be your new mantra. Because nothing beats a crisp white shirt; a symbol associated with power, purity and elegance. It can be classy and playful at the same time. Wear it with any of your existing clothes in any creative way and you have a thousand outfits.
Recently, I grabbed a over sized button down shirt and boy did I love the different ways to wear it! This post is about how I styled this one essential piece of clothing in 5 unique looks where each one shows a different way of wearing the same shirt- from knotted to off shoulder to wearing it backwards!
1) Off Shoulder Style

Off shoulder style has been in vogue since a very long time and is wearable for almost everyone. I tried this off shoulder shirt style in a subtle way and loved pairing it with the floral trouser I bought from Sarojini Nagar in just 200 bucks! It makes for a perfect day time combo and a great balance of casual yet classy.

Accessories: Keeping the jewellery to a minimum to let the breezy vibe, I choose to go only with a long hoop earrings to bring attention to the off shoulder look. For footwear I wore a simple brown loafer.

How to wear: Unbutton the first three buttons of your shirt, tuck the shirt in and pull it down from the shoulders.

Perfect for: A day out with your girlies.

2) Layering in

If you thought layering is only for winters, think again. Layering has been the hottest trend in this year’s Fashion Week. Summer layers is the best way to reuse your old clothes. Here, I have layered this timeless shirt with a cream floral dress. The look is a balanced mix of OTT yet so subtle. To keep it summer appropriate I choose the light color hues to go with the heavy jewellery.

Accessories: Blended the oxidized jewellery with this otherwise cute dress, making it a perfect mix of boho with a femme twist and opted for a basic silver flats.

How to wear: Layer your favourite plain shirt or a striped t-shirt with your sleeveless dress. You can even wear a sheer full sleeves top under your sleeveless dresses for that sexy effortless look.

Perfect for: A Brunch or a day party.

3) Let’s Knot

With summer in full swing, whether you are heading for summer beach holiday or just a pool party with your friends a white shirt will be your best bet to wear. For this, I have styled the white shirt in a knotted style with a vibrant swing skirt.

Accessories: Completed the look with a cream flower hair clip and a thin layered necklace to keep it summer appropriate. To this, I added my current favorite bright orange shoes.

How to wear: Unbutton the first two buttons of your shirt, pull it down from the back, unbutton the bottom three buttons and tie them together.

Perfect for: A beach holiday or a pool party.

4) Belt it up

A day in city makes me want to live in jeans – and the ultimate classic ofcourse: The white shirt. Added a belt to this look to give the outfit a structure, hugging me at just the right places!

Accessories: Combined this with elegant black heels, black bag and a silver choker to keep the entire look in black and white hues.

How to wear: Use your oversized shirt with a thin belt and just roll up your sleeves.

Perfect for: Shopping with your girls or a quick meet up.

5) Backward ties

The latest unconventional trend among fashionistas and fashion models is to wear their shirt backwards. Yes, the look is only for experimental & daring souls, but the effect of wearing a button down shirt backwards is indisputably cool and sexy, too. I have styled the backward shirt look with a fitted pencil skirt and a burgundy bag.

Accessories: Just added my favourite “dope” earrings to add a touch of glam.

How to wear: Wear your classic white shirt tied backwards just like I did in look 3, but this time knotted backwards instead of the front. You can either leave the rest of the buttons unbuttoned or button only the top one for a sexy open back look.

Perfect for: Parties and date nights for a sleek look.


That’s it for now and I hope you found this post helpful. Don’t forget to watch the video and like & subscribe to my channel. Let me know in the comments section below, I LOVE reading your comments and they are super motivating. Also, a BIG thank you for loving my first post and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @off_track_girl

With Love,

Himani Gaur

Stay Gorgeous!

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