Hello there!

My name is Himani Gaur. OffTrackGirl is a visual diary of what I love in fashion, style and travel. I love coming up with an outfit that is completely put up together in my head and through that inspire other people into it. The name “offtrackgirl” because this is yet another off track journey in my life after being a Software Engineer and then an Educationist for years. I believe sometimes you have to go off track to discover a better track. Also, aren’t best stories of fashion (& life) are built off-track?

I love playing with clothes and truly believe style has to do with creativity you put into outfits you wear with the things that you already have. Because realistically it cannot be a “add to cart” kinda day everyday. Hence, I invest in pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Through this blog I aim to inspire every girl to shine, style and be open to her dreams.

Let’s go through this journey together.

Powered with Love,
Himani Gaur
Stay gorgeous!