Though we all fancy the outfits of the famous celebrities; yet, we all have that one or two  favorite bloggers that we like to stalk on Instagram rigorously to get an inspiration for our outfits and endlessly attempt to recreate their effortlessly cool attire.

Bloggers who create new experimental looks adding their own personality and creativity to it, catches my eye. They bring a refreshing change to the table, and fills our mind with new inspiring fashion ideas. So, I have picked out two fashion bloggers whose style I admire greatly for the newness they create with whatever they choose to wear  Their outfit style defines their creativity and individuality.

Let me show you how Rakhi Singh (Guest Blogger) and I recreated three of our favorite affordable celebrity looks. Keep reading to know how you can style and shop the outfits inspired from famous bloggers within your budget.



Komal Pandey is more of a style blogger than a fashion blogger, wearing her favorite pieces in unique, innovative ways.

Look 1: Running around in the city

What you would wear: Jeans and probably a simple top or kurta for comfort.

What fashion blogger wore: A basic blue jeans with a solid black top and covering up with a cool jeans shirt (the one that you can grab from your boyfriend’s/husband’s closet – just like me). To add a bit of visual interest, this favorite blogger of mine generally adds some oxidized jewelry – preferable a choker.

This is how I recreated her style.

Shop the look:

Look 2: The girl boss

What you would wear: the same old boring shirt and trouser

What fashion blogger wore:  A red parallel pant with an attention grabbing black crop top. To make the high fashion look a bit formal, she added the loose boyfriend’s blazer to this outfit. Pair it with black/brown shades to give it an edgy and cool “girl boss” vibes.

Shop the Look:

LOOK 3: For a Fashion Statement – only for the daring

What You would wear: probably your best fitted LBD to the rescue

What Fashion blogger wore: So, I thought this look to be extremely experimental, yet unique and innovative. Yes, as the headline says not everyone is going to like it but it adequately satisfies the experimental souls. She used a white shirt with a blue flared skirt in a way that it creates the flow of a A-line/Anarkali kurta. I liked how she innovatively created the ethnic hint by adding the white dupatta, bindi and traditional gold earrings to this rather western outfit.

Shop the Look:


Another fashion blogger well known for her unconventional bohemian style.

Look 1: The Airport Look

What you would wear: A pair of jeans and loose t-shirt.

What fashion blogger wore: Vibrant pink harem pant with a loose tee, styled differently by tying a front knot. Added some silver jewelry along with the black bohemian handbag.

Shop the Look:

Look 2: Day outing look

What you would wear: A casual dress or jeans.

What fashion blogger wore: The best way to beat the heat in this summer it to wear a loose dress – and nothing better than a shirt dress fits the bill. This blogger did just that. Skipping the jewelry making it weather appropriate. Finally, using the bright red shoes & cap to break the otherwise monotonous look.

Shop the Look:

Look 3: Go Bichrome – black & white look

What you would wear: Probably a black jeans and a plain white shirt.

What fashion blogger wore: wearing black & white does not have to be boring at all! All you need to do is either add a splash of color or some black hued statement jewelry piece (silver, grey, bronze). This blogger added her touch of bohemian neck-piece and I love how this one piece instantly lifted her entire outfit.

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