Travelling solo is a buzzword these days. Undeniably, travelling solo gives you different kind of high – endless freedom to explore, try out adventures, meet new people and most importantly a time to know yourself deeper. Sometimes it’s fun to be independent and all on your own, but most of time you would want someone to be by your side in this journey of life or otherwise. My most memorable trips have always been with a travel mate. Feeling nostalgia together with countless “remember when…” moments.

However, most people and in fact I used to find it difficult to search a travel buddy who has same travel interests. Imagine going on a vacation with someone who enjoys relaxing by the beach and getting tanned while you are someone who loves to go on a scuba diving or sky diving!!

With Xoxo Tours, you can connect with like-minded travel enthusiasts around the globe, who share the same travel thrill as you do – whether you are an adventure lover or someone who craves for a relaxing vacation! Or if you love to travel solo, but want a local person to help you see the real hidden places and help you explore the culture of the place, Xoxo Tours is the solution. “In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with!” is something I read, and xoxo tour is here to make it true for all us by helping us find the right travel friend.

All you have to do is sign up either with your social media account or with your email address. Fill in the details to complete your profile and mention the places you want to travel and you are done. Surf through various profiles and connect with people you are interested in. Go for a brunch or go sightseeing, create memories in countless ways.

Exploring Bali temples in traditional Balinese dress – Sarong

Why travel solo when you can double your happiness by going double!

  • Meeting and travelling with new people around the globe.
  • Travelling with a buddy would mean lesser costs of accommodations, food, activities and yes easier bargaining with vendors when you are shopping.
  • No more bad selfies – always having someone to click your gorgeous travel pictures.
  • Learning art of patience: When you travel with someone else, it’s going to be a strong experience of being together 24*7. You will eventually learn to add extra dose of tolerance an acceptance in your morning coffee each day
  • Having someone to share your good and bad times during and after the trip.
  • There are times when you want to travel with a local person to know the culture/food/place of a place. It’s always so much fun to explore the area with a travel buddy from a native place over a local guide.
  • When you share experiences together like trekking in remote valleys of Sikkim, it’s amazing to know that your memories of this adventure will be shared with someone. You might end up making life-long friends too.
  • Oh, and you might travel date too!! No wonder it’s a unique dating app for travellers too! Also, rightly said if you can travel with someone (being 24*7 together without getting annoyed) you can mark them eligible to date as well.


Already thought of your next vacation location? Ditch those friends who always cancel your well planned trips at last minute or not sure if solo travel is your cup of tea you, then hop on to Xoxo Tours to find your next travel partner! Why not try it yourself?

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Witnessing Mount Agung volcano eruption from top of Mount Batur volcano!

Somewhere in Nusa Dua Island

Broken Beach, Nusa Penida Island.

Red sand desert, Dubai

That is all I have for you guys. Until next time.


Himani Gaur

Stay gorgeous and travel more!

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