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My Skin Care Routine

Whenever I meet a stranger they assume me to be an average college going blogger. However, once I share my age (which most of you by now know that I am touching 30); I haven’t found a single person till date who was not dumbstruck. Most of them wanted to know what I do to take care of my skin and to look younger than my age. Though most credit goes to my genes, I have finally decided to share some of my skin care tips with you all.

My skin is super sensitive and hence I have always been apprehensive about trying out new products. After trying out multiple products from the endless options in skin care products, I have finally found what works for my skin and stick to it mostly. I try to use the most natural and organic products because the facial skin is the most precious one. I believe that most of the work is done by our genes but with all the pollution and dirt in the air… I think that a few essential products are important in everyone’s regime.

1. Cleanse

As a fashion blogger, I use makeup on my face frequently. It is very important to clean your face and let your skin breathe free of dirt and makeup while you are sleeping. I make sure to clean my face two times in a day. And moisturize it properly.

How to clean:

Remove makeup: Instead of using expensive and chemical infused makeup remover, I use cotton balls dipped in coconut oil to remove my makeup. To remove my eye makeup I use almond oil as it is rich with vitamin E, which initiates eye lashes growth and reduces dark circles.

I have recently been introduced to MCaffeine products and I have loved using them since they are completely organic; one thing that I always look for in my skin care products. I use MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee face wash – that is SLS and Paraben free deep cleansing formula. It contains Pure Arabica Coffee which stimulates blood flow and reduces puffiness & premature aging. It also contains white water lily and aloe vera as its main ingredients; and least to say I have been a big fan of using aloe vera gel on my face to nourish/hydrate and soothe my skin from any inflammation. Another reason why I loved this face wash!!

Pro Tip

If you have dry skin, skip the cleanser in the morning and just wash your face with water. This will make your skin glow by keeping it hydrated. But make sure to use the face wash before sleeping to get rid of all the dirt. I have a mixed to oily combination skin and hence I wash my face with face wash twice.

2. Scrubs

Twice a week I scrub my face with organic products. Exfoliation is very important for the body as well as for the face to get rid of the dead skin and clean the pores. Remember, not to overdo the exfoliation process if you have acne prone skin and use natural products that are gentle on skin. When I have enough time, I transform my bathroom into a salon and I do my masks, peelings, massages to pamper my skin.

a) Face Scrub

I use MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Scrub – made from Pure Arabica Coffee and essential Vitamin E. Yes, I made sure to include vitamin E rich product as my face scrub just like I use vitamin E rich oil for makeup removal. This face scrub gently removes all the rough dead skin cells, tan and impurities. Also, the best part is that unlike other body scrubs, this scrub did not dry out my skin and helped retain the moisture.

Pro tip

To ensure a glowing skin I use a face mask after doing face scrub. I use face masks at least once a week preferably after a face scrub. Since I have a sensitive skin which is oily, I use clay mask and fruit mask alternatively. If you have a dry skin you can use a honey and coconut milk mask which works wonders.

b) Body Scrub

From time to time, I apply the organic MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee body scrub, to remove dead skin cells and impurities, my skin feels super soft afterwards. It contains Pure Arabica Coffee and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil which are great for a healthy skin. What I noticed is that the scrub particles are very gentle on the skin unlike the harsh homemade products. It works great on problem areas where the skin is easily darkened and becomes rough and so is a must at least twice a week.

Pro tip

When using a scrub of any sort, dry scrubbing is useful. Dry scrub without the product and water by using a shower brush. This opens the pores and promotes blood circulation. Once done, I apply the scrub and massage well into my skin. Finally, rinsing off and towel drying.

3. Moisturize

Now comes to most important part, moisturizing.


Unfortunately, I have some open pores on my faces because of using harsh chemical infused face washes for so many years. The best solution to minimize or to avoid it in first place is to use a toner. I use rose water, which is cheap, easily available and all natural. Apparently, it’s one of the gentlest product for problematic or acne-prone skin as well. I don’t have acne anymore for last 1 year or so (that’s another secret tip I have shared at the end of the blog) but sometimes my skin is oily, sometimes it’s moody, so a rose water toner is a must.


I make sure to moisture my skin twice in a day. Also, I make sure to use almond oil under my eyes along with the moisturizer before sleeping.

The most helpful tip:

Okay, so I had acne issues for so many years. I gave up on it after trying endless products when I came across this awareness an year ago – being lactose intolerant. Yes, this exists – and for most acne problems than we believe. I reduced the milk intake from twice/thrice a day to a minimum once. And tada!!. .within a week my skin started changing. Try, it might work for you too!!

That’s it for now. Share with me your skin care routine and tips for glowing skin in the comment section. Have a great new year, lovelies! I’ll see you all back here soon with a new post! xo.

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  1. Thats such a pretty writeup. Quite useful indeed. And even I use Rose water as a toner. And aloe vera gel is bae. 😁

    1. offtrackgirl says:

      Thanks for reading! And hey, try almond oil as well for eye makeup or kajal removal, it is the best thing I have known! 🙃

  2. Nice post, Himani.
    Quite informative and very well written.

    1. offtrackgirl says:

      Thanks Nikita, I am so glad you found it useful. Do share your tips if any!!

  3. Akanksha says:

    Wow Himani lovely blog. I still remember I asked you age and when you told me i was stunned. I hope you remember our chat. Love your skin.. Stay you look young. 😊

  4. Nice tips! It looks easy and useful tips to get a healthy looking glowing skin. I will keep these all tips in mind. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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